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Patient Comments!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your taking time to repair my old hearing aids. I will feel much better having a back up pair on our travels. I don’t know what I would do without all of your help. Thanks again!

Jeanne T.
Thank you so much for donating Hearing Aids. Non-profits like ours couldn't do the good work we do without the communities support. We have clients that have used your services and cannot say enough about how good you are. Thank you for helping us in this situation.

Dena B. Desert Samaritans For the Elderly
I am a patient of Wade Zarella’s, however my husband has not been seen in your office. Today while we were at an appointment across the hall, I took one of my husband’s hearing aids (dispensed by another audiology group) to simply inquire as to whether your office had the capability of changing the small clear tubing that had become hardened on his Widex hearing aids. Our previous experience had been very difficult for him because one earpiece at a time had to be sent to the manufacturer for tube change. This process required that he be without one hearing aid for 8-10 days, then the other one for the same amount of time. Because Wade changed my tubes at my last visit in July in a very short time, I asked if he worked on Widex aids. He said he did and that he’d be happy to replace the tubes for my husband without sending them out of state.

Today, your staff not only confirmed that this could be done, but actually took the time (without a specific appointment) to change the tubes on both of my husband’s hearing aids which they had not dispensed, and for someone who was not even a patient of your office. We were both totally impressed and so very grateful. In this age where most medical offices are much too busy to take personal interest, we commend you all and thank you most sincerely for your thoughtfulness, your time, and your gracious willingness to accommodate our need. This type of care and thoughtfulness is rare, indeed.

Happy Holidays to the most caring staff in the Desert!

Donna & William W.
Receiving your nice letter made me wish more than ever to be able to walk into your office for hearing aid services. I do miss the desert and my activities there, including seeing you.

Unfortunately the nerves in my lower back are severely compressed (due to spinal stenosis) causing painful spasms and immobility. It’s quite a difficult adjustment. I have a scooter and get around and walk with a walker in my apartment. I feel very fortunate to have made the move - terribly hard to sell the house etc. but am very comfortable in this lovely residence. I wish you continued good health and a happy life. Thank you for that nice letter - it was a super gesture on your part and my pleasure to receive it.

Lillian S.
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the time you spent with me and for adjusting program one for me. I appreciate your answering my questions and giving me helpful information. I appreciate all the help the Institute has given me over the past ten years and I am thankful for your sending my aid off this last time and hopefully I will hear the sound again. I’m glad I was able to meet you and once again, thank you so much.

Very practical suggestions and guidance. Friendly staff, very personal treatment and attention to detail.

David S.
Dear Wade, Peace and every blessing! Thank you so very much for your updates re: hearing aids and the “Desert Happening”. I appreciate both. I continue to benefit from my pulse hearing aids. I so appreciate that they modulate noise. I am grateful also for your instructions when I first purchased them. Enjoy the summer.

Elizabeth S.
Your letter was so caring and thoughtful. I send my friends to see you. My daughter (Ingrid) will need to see you soon. I let her read your letter. Keep cool, have a “good summer”. Thanks for the Hearing Aids.

Fran V.
I appreciate your recent “assurance” and “thank you” letter! Most of all, I valued your personalization of your interactions with your clients and the “life learning” you have gained accordingly and seek to apply within your practice. I am very satisfied with my relationship with you and the staff at the Hearing Institute! It is also fun to josh “with you personally!”

Arthur L.
I just can’t thank you enough for restoring my hearing, it’s wonderful.

Arlis B:
I appreciate your sending me the batteries by mail, as without a car, I’m stranded. I called 2 drug stores for these but did not have them. I love my hearing aid. I have friends who are unhappy with their hearing aids. Thank you!

Fran V.
Thanks Wade for all your attention and help. It’s opened more opportunities for me, and I no longer have to hear “Do you have your hearing aids on?” You can bet they will be! Thanks again and God Bless.

Rita L.
This letter is to tell you of my appreciation of your knowledge and education which has provided me with correct analysis of my problems and proper solutions. You have become a source of comfort to me over the past 4 or more years. Previously, I had an association with another hearing aid provider, and there is no comparison with the support you have give to me. It is a great relief to know that you are a source of aid to people like myself who suffer from hearing loss.

Sydelle K.
Thank you for bringing me back into the world of hearing. After being with you six years I decided to make a change and go to a doctor who spoke at Segovia, “Big mistake”. She made elaborate claims and promises - none occurred, in fact my hearing became worse because after purchasing a new and more expensive brand she then changed audiologists three times on me and no one knew how to program the hearing aids except when I came back to you - Thank you for helping me. I will stick with you for the rest of my life.

To lose part of the hearing is hard but under your guidance, excellent knowledge and care I am learning to accept it and live with it. When I needed immediate help, you gave it to me without an appointment, somehow you made room for me within your busy schedule and I want to thank you for it.

Edith L.
Thank you for your update letter recently received. This was a letter that needed to be written and again I thank you for doing so. One recent letter I received promised such an amazing reduction; a pair of aids would have cost about $8,000! Thank you for exposing this “racket”.

Jean M.
Every once in awhile I meet a person who does special “things”. Little did I know that you would be one of them. You have always been kind and helpful to me. Thank you for being so wonderful to my friend Arlis. You have made it possible for her to hear…what a difference it has made in her life. Thank you….I’m so glad I know you….

Bo (Billie Jo) W.
Their compassion in helping others. They go above and beyond for their patients. They have always been there quick and caring for my needs. They make me feel as if it’s like I’m a family member. They are warm, compassionate and very helpful.

Lori H.
I want, expect and demand special and caring services. The “entire” staff has delivered! Wade Zarella is a highly qualified professional - he “cares” about his clients.

Clive F.
This is coming to you quite late, but nevertheless, sincere. Your letter of thanks sent out probably 5 or 6 weeks ago to we, your patients, was very much appreciated. And your explanations about the business of hearing aids, marketing etc. and expressions of gratitude were obviously from your heart. You know what? That goes both ways and I in return express the same to you. I thank you for all the times you have been so patient with me as we worked through my situations. Your pleasant attitude, knowledge and experience have and remain a vital part of my Hearing Institute relationship. I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Karen P.
This note is long overdue but it is nonetheless sincere. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to have my previous hearing life back. It has made such a significant difference to my life. Thank you also for all of the information that you have taught me, both about hearing and about hearing aids. You may recall that I had been told that a hearing aid may not make much difference, so I had resigned myself to accepting that situation. Then I attended the Hearing Healthcare seminar and learned I could have an assessment with you. I sincerely thank you all for giving me the opportunity to both attend the seminar and to be assessed for my hearing loss. I look forward to less isolation and hopefully less risk of dementia. Although we couldn't purchase the hearing aid from you, I will certainly advertise for your hearing institute - it’s the best! Thank you again for your interest, your knowledge and educating me, the hearing aid trial and for you time. I will be forever grateful.

Pat P.
Thank you for bringing me back into the world of hearing. After being with you six years I decided to make a change and go to a doctor who spoke at Segovia, “Big Mistake”. She made elaborate claims and promises-none occurred, in fact my hearing became worse because after purchasing a new and more expensive brand, no one there knew how to program the hearing aids except when I came back to you-Thank you for helping me. I will stick with you for the rest of my life.”

Rita M.