Two Things That Make Us Unique In The Valley

1) We Offer Competitive "All Inclusive" Everyday Pricing With NO Gimmicks

We recognize that people (particularly seniors) are bombarded with full page advertisements and direct mail pieces promising unbelievable savings (off of an inflated MSRP for a limited time only OF COURSE!) and technologies that sound too good to be true, and often are. We believe that this kind of advertising approach may “make a sale” but rarely results in satisfied patients and long term success with hearing aids.


Although we do not advertise in the same way as our competitors, we are and always will be at the cutting edge of technology. You can trust that we will never artificially raise our everyday prices to offer a supposed “Discount”, nor will we participate in some of the “bait and switch” schemes prevalent in the valley right now. In fact, our best technologies are over 50% below suggested retail every day. We have always believed that the best marketing is through word of mouth and we are focused on establishing long term trusting relationships, not one time hearing aid sales.


2)  We Offer A Support Staff That Is Second To None

The Hearing Institute has long been recognized in the valley for our experienced and highly educated audiological professionals, but what truly sets us apart from our competition is our support staff. We understand that a warm, caring, knowledgeable, and empowered support staff is just as important as the hearing professional. If your “first point of contact” with office staff is a negative one (as happens in many Doctor's offices these days), it is highly unlikely you will ever make it to see the professional, regardless of how good he or she may be. We understand this, and have hired a staff that takes pride in their jobs and truly enjoy helping people. When you enter the Hearing Institute, you will always be greeted by a warm and caring member of our staff, who will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of.


Patient testimonial to unfulfilled promises elsewhere.…

“Thank you for bringing me back into the world of hearing.  After being with you six years I decided to make a change and go to a doctor who spoke at Segovia, “Big Mistake”.  She made elaborate claims and promises-none occurred, in fact my hearing became worse because after purchasing a new and more expensive brand, no one there knew how to program the hearing aids except when I came back to you-Thank you for helping me.  I will stick with you for the rest of my life.” 

Rita M. 


Patient testimonial to bait and switch limited time offers....

Thank you for your update letter recently received. This was a letter that needed to be written and again I thank you for doing so. One recent letter I received promised such an amazing reduction; a pair of aids would have cost about $8,000! Thank you for exposing this “racket”.



I want, expect and demand special and caring services. The “entire” staff has delivered! Wade Zarella is a highly qualified professional - he “cares” about his clients.

Clive F.


Their compassion in helping others. They go above and beyond for their patients. They have always been there quick and caring for my needs. They make me feel as if it’s like I’m a family member. They are warm, compassionate and very helpful.

Lori H.

Fact: When considering hearing aids there are three types of professionals you may make contact with:

1) A hearing doctor or Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor. This type of doctor has a medical degree and can help determine what causes hearing loss and if medical management of a hearing loss is possible. An ENT typically does not dispense hearing aid devices.
2) An Audiologist will typically have a Masters or Doctorate level education and is an expert in hearing loss evaluation and rehabilitation. Based on extensive education and experience, an Audiologist is typically considered the best option for hearing aid dispensing.

3) A hearing aid dispenser or hearing specialist can also screen hearing and dispense hearing aids. However, the educational requirements are limited to a high school degree and passing a state written and practical exam.