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Hearing aids are a critical investment in your health.

In addition to strengthening hearing, hearing aids enhance communication. This provides significant support as people navigate the various environments, interactions, and responsibilities of daily life. Similar to most electronic devices today, hearing aids have experienced exciting innovations that have transformed these instruments into savvy pieces of technology.

There is an array of features and styles that allow hearing aids to seamlessly integrate into daily life. With so many options, it can be challenging to figure out which device would be best for you.

At Hearing Institute, we use various factors to help you navigate your options and make the most effective recommendations that will meet your hearing needs. We work with several of the leading hearing aid manufacturers that produce some of the best hearing aid devices on the market!
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A popular hearing aid brand known for using innovative technology to provide the most personalized settings, Widex is the third largest hearing aid company in the world. Founded in Denmark, Widex hearing aids focus on delivering the best sound quality.


Oticon is another Denmark-based hearing aid manufacturer. They produced the first made for iPhone hearing aids in 2016 (Oticon Opn) which was groundbreaking because it provided the first wireless, internet-connected, device. Oticon conducts extensive research at their Center for Applied Audiology, specifically studying how the brain processes sound. Their research has found that rather than providing the brain with less sound to process, hearing aids should deliver more sound. This philosophy, referred to as BrainHearing, informed algorithms designed to deliver more high-quality sound.


Based in Canada, Unitron makes hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss. Unitron devices use their specialized processing software which identifies and analyzes the environments you navigate. This data helps us establish the specific programs that will meet your hearing needs in those environments. Unitron devices feature Bluetooth technology, a rechargeable battery option, and artificial intelligence to automatically adjust settings to the environment you are in.


Phonak is based in Switzerland and is an innovator in digital hearing aid products. In 2017, Phonak introduced the first hearing aid device to use a rechargeable battery. A significant innovation in the hearing aid industry, this option does not require disposable batteries which makes it both more sustainable and provides longer-lasting power. In 2018, Phonak also introduced the first hearing aid to utilize Bluetooth technology. This enables hearing aids to wirelessly connect with other devices, streaming audio directly. A game-changer for the hearing aid industry, this completely enhanced sound quality, and listening experiences.