Hearing Aids Rancho Mirage, CA

Hearing aids are technologically advanced devices that do more than just amplify sound. Today’s devices are highly sophisticated instruments that absorb and adjust sound in ways that meet the specific needs of the wearer. By providing this support, hearing aids significantly improve daily quality of life. Hearing aids strengthen communication, spatial awareness, relationships, and overall health and wellness.

Essential for navigating daily life, hearing aids are such an important investment that is worth taking the time to learn about them. There is a wide range of options, styles, and features available which can be overwhelming to navigate. Gaining a greater understanding of how hearing aids work, different styles, and technologies can help you better understand your choices.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Today’s hearing aids in Rancho Mirage can perform various functions that customize the sound to meet individual needs, increase connectivity, and enhance user experience. All hearing aids consist of the following components:
  • Microphone: collects sound from the environment and converts sound waves into electrical signals.
  • Processor: a processing chip analyzes the sounds and makes adjustments according to an individual’s specific hearing loss. These settings are programmed by a hearing healthcare provider after diagnosing hearing loss.
  • Amplifier: these sounds, now adjusted, are sent to the amplifier which increases the sound and sends it to the speaker.
  • Speaker: transmits the sound to the outer ear canal.
  • Battery: all hearing aids are powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries, depending on the specific type of hearing aids.
Though all hearing aids share these basic components, they can vary in sound quality and other capacities depending on the type of device and the features it offers.

Common Hearing Aid Styles

There are numerous brands and styles of hearing aids. If you have been exploring hearing aid types in Rancho Mirage, you may be surprised to see the range of shapes, sizes, and colors that these devices can come in! The variety of hearing aids available ensures that you can find a device that fits your hearing, budgetary, and lifestyle needs! It is useful to know about common hearing aids styles which include:

ITE Hearing Aids

In the Ear

BTE Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear

RITE Hearing Aids

Receiver in the Ear

CIC Hearing Aids

Completely in the Ear Canal (CIC)

Selecting the right device depends on a few factors including the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle preferences, specifics of the hearing loss in both ears, the shape of ears, etc. Our Audiologist takes all of these factors into consideration when recommending the hearing aids that will work best for you.

Rancho Mirage Hearing Aids - Features & Technologies

In addition to styles, there are also several features and technologies offered in hearing aids today. These features are designed to enhance sound quality and the overall daily experience of navigating sound in different environments. Common features include the following:
Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Wireless Connectivity

Using Bluetooth technology, this feature allows hearing aids to wirelessly connect to other devices. This enables the device to stream audio directly from other sources like one’s phone, TV, or speaker.
Digital Noise Reduction

Digital Noise Reduction

This feature identifies and reduces background noise. This is especially useful while moving through louder environments.
Feedback Suppression

Feedback Suppression

Feedback related noises are unpleasant and reduce sound quality. This feature is designed to eliminate feedback, enhancing sound.

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